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Enjoy private and exclusive tours for indivuals, family and children in
Lucca, Pietrasanta and Viareggio

Lucca Classic Tour

libro mioThis tour is based on my guide book “Lucca, a small big town told to children”
illustrated by Pierluigi Puccini , ed. MariaPaciniFazzi.
Currently only in italian. English version is coming soon.

Beasts and Symbols

This tour is based on my guide book ” Lucca, an itinerary to discover wild and domestic animals, real and fantastic creature” , 
Illustrated by me, ed. MariaPaciniFazzi
English version translated by : Isabella Nicotera



Discover Lucca drawing and colouring in art and history

Draw and create a pilgrim diary  learning about the history of Lucca from the roman period to the modern time.




Walking or riding the city-walls of Lucca

By walking on top of the Renaissance city-walls of Lucca, we can admire a massive military construction and also over 30 species of trees: chestnut, linden trees, acacias, maples, elms and planes.
This tour is a walking tour or a bike-tour  at top the 4 Km circumference of the city walls.


Pietrasanta : sculpture and contemporary art

I love Pietrasanta because it offers contemporary works of art in a medieval armosphere. It’s unique .
Enjoy with me the fantastic wordl of the “Museo dei Bozzetti”:  models of sculptures of over 300 artists from all over the world. We will discover the best way to learn about the the precious work of the craftsmen.



Viareggio the Carnival and the sea

Viar20141218_111827eggio has a beautifulseaside promenade  from which we can admire the Art Nouveau buildings, the first bathing establishments, the Apuan Alps, the harbor and of course, the sea!
Come with me to discover Viareggio and its Carnival!