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A guided tour in Lucca based on the novel

“Paolo Guinigi’s Treasure”


Every year, in September, Grandma Anna organizes a vacation in Lucca for all her grandchildren.

The children spend two weeks toghether and stay  at their grandparents’ house.Ilaria e Giacomo

Grandchildren are Ilaria, Giacomo,  Chiara, Matteo, Leonardo, Lucia and Michael 3 bimbi 2

Grandma Anna organizes to3 bimbi 3urs, games and excursions to entertain the children and above all to narrate the history of Lucca, which she is very passionate about.

The itinerary begins with the fortunate discovery of a key in the Cathedral of St. Martin in Lucca.  Grandma Anna recognizes a piece of marble as the legendary key that could open the chest containing the treasure of Paolo Guinigi, Lord of Lucca during the 15th century. The itinerary  follows the traces of history, encountering obstacles due to the envy and bad behavior of other children. After a series of adventures and investigations, the children achieve their goal: they arrive inside the citywalls of Lucca, inhabited by fantastical creatures that are reminiscent of the meieval artistic images of beasts and the legends of Greek mythology. They find the chest that contains the treasure of Paolo Guinigi but ……


Follow this novel and click right of the menu to read each episode.



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Author: Vittoria Calafati
Translation: Isabella Nicotera, tourist guide in Lucca
Illustration: Caterina Calafati